Product Management Functional Design Workshop

Workshop Overview
Product Management requires a specific set of skills and processes that are unique to the role. Although the skills needed by a product manager are fundamentally the same, the role is different in every company, dependent on the type of product, who the position reports to, the business processes in place and the type of product and its annual sales.

Create a company specific Product Management process that can be implemented throughout the company focusing on the following:

  • What is product management in our company?
  • Product Management Process
  • Key Competencies and Skills required
  • Relationship Maps: Management, Cross Functional, Customer
  • Performance Management, Expectations, Metrics
  • Define Responsibility vs. Authority vs. Accountable
  • Job Descriptions
  • Staffing Plan
  • Training Plan for each individual product manager

Length of Workshop
3-5 days over a multi-week period depending on complexity of the product management function and the processes already in place

Who Should Attend
Senior leaders in the organization who have responsibility for managing the product development, sales, manufacturing and marketing functions

Participants Should Include
Product managers, HR personnel and other members of the organization who rely on the product management function

Expected Outcome
At the end of this workshop, the participants will have created a product management process/function that is uniquely suited to the company’s needs. They will have also created a roll-out plan which includes next steps, communications and additional training requirements

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