Optimizing Existing Foreign Operations

Companies that have expanded into the United States want to understand how well their foreign operations are doing relative to market opportunities. It is often difficult to do from abroad because information may be filtered. It requires an understanding of the US market, business methodologies, optimal channels of distribution, brand strategies, customers, taxation and product differentiation: sometimes not well understood by the the company’s US based managers. Group50 provides foreign companies with a view of their performance in the US and offers recommendations on how to optimize that performance and realize untapped market potential.

Group50 offers a global business optimization process focused on assisting foreign companies with an established presence in the United States to optimize their operations.
Our foreign operations consultants have significant global operating experience, and bring a great deal of expertise growing and optimizing business performance in the US. They also understand how to work with companies that are headquartered in Latin America, Europe and South East Asia. Our bi-lingual consultants in Hong Kong specialize in working with US based and foreign based companies in South East Asia. Our consultants are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin and have personal knowledge of working for fortune 100 global companies and living in many countries. You can see some of the members of our team here.

Foreign Operations Consultants
The first step in the process is an assessment of performance utilizing our Foreign Operations Business

which is part of Group50’s Company Physical™. It consists of a multi-day assessment of the current state of the US operations utilizing the parent company’s strategic plan as the litmus test for our assessment. We assess current capabilities, resources, and plans used to sustain strong profitable growth from both a tactical and strategic perspective. We have compiled a set of key metrics, value drivers, and evaluations that provide insight to the companies’ current performance, They include but aren’t limited to:

  • Marketing (including brand-equity), Sales, and Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales-Channel Relations
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Structure
  • Financial performance
  • Profitability and Working Capital requirements
  • Business strategies

After the assessment is completed, we will provide you a report of the performance and the opportunities for improvement. The results will provide a roadmap for dealing with the short, medium and long-term opportunities that exist.

If your company has foreign operations in the United States that you believe should be doing significantly better, Group50 can be your go to resource for understanding performance and developing and implementing new strategies that are targeted for accelerated growth and financial performance. You can request more information here email us at jgitney@group50.com , or call 909-949-9083.

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