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Market Effectiveness Assessment

Market Effectiveness Assessment

Overview: The Market Effectiveness™ Assessment looks at how well a company defines, produces, manages, markets and sells its products. The focus of this assessment is the effectiveness of these interrelated processes with particular emphasis on these areas:

  • Clearly articulated Business and Product Strategies
  • Product and Portfolio Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Customer Service
  • OMNI Channel Strategies

Length of Assessment: Three or more days depending on the size of the business, the number of product portfolios and the number of locations

Business Assessment Process: Consists of 4 steps that are done both on-site and offsite.

  • Review of strategies and value propositions
  • Interviews with top members of management
  • Product Lifecycle management and Lifecycle Revenue models
  • Review of product development process
  • Functional reviews for each critical function
  • Customer Service Workflows
  • Sales workflows – Tools and Approaches

Expected Results: We will provide a Market Effectiveness Assessment Report which addresses the following:

  • Overall performance of the company in defining, developing and delivering products and services to its defined markets
  • How well product portfolios are managed as well as the product management strategies utilized inside the company
  • The effectiveness of the Product Development Process
  • The Utilization of Key Performance Indicators in assessing performance
  • How well Marketing is doing in providing support for Customers, Sales and Communications
  • Sales force effectiveness, structure, compensation practices and performance

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