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Group50 Consulting – Subject Matter Experts in Blockchain and IoT strategy and applications to the supply chain and regulatory reporting. Group50 offers strategic planning services as well as Blockchain Workshops and Educational Services. Group50 had created a Blockchain Solution: Scioebc,  for the Supply Chain that is built on an IoT platform called Thinaer. We offer the following workshops:

  1. Blockchain and IoT Economics and Governance Workshop: Understand the key levers, the framework for refining strategy, aligning stakeholders and its impact on governance
  2. Blockchain and IoT Immersion Workshop: Bring your leadership team up to the same level of understanding about Blockchain and IoT business applications
  3. Blockchain and IoT Strategy WorkshopIdentify applications for Blockchain and IoT and understand how it would integrate it into your business strategy
  4. Building the Business Case for Blockchain and IoT: Developing the understanding the implications in your business, to your customers, throughout your supply chain and to the bottom line
  5. Blockchain and IoT Implementation Roadmap WorkshopCreating the multi-year plan for how your are going to implement and integrate

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