Blockchain – IoT Immersion Workshop


The Blockchain Immersion Workshop is designed to educate senior leadership teams on the evolution, applications and impacts of Blockchain and IoT technology in business. The workshop will provide an overview of the various blockchain and IoT technologies (Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Fabric, Sawtooth, etc.) and how to apply the technology to business applications. There will also be in-depth discussions on how they differ, their usage, technology requirements and current and future applications in relationship to the company’s industry. Attendees will learn about the transformative capabilities of blockchain systems and why they are capable of internal and external disintermediation. They will see a live blockchain system in action. They will also work together to begin the planning process for implementation in their business and answer the question: Does the business need a blockchain?


  • Overview the genesis and evolution of blockchain and IoT technologies
  • Understand blockchain security
  • Provide an overview of the blockchain product marketplace
  • Review blockchain use cases
  • Understand the role of smart contracts
  • Identify industry related applications
  • Provide insight to effective implementation methodologies
  • Understand the disruptive capabilities of blockchain
  • Discuss applications inside the company
  • Discuss implementation roadmap requirements in education, planning, structure change management, implementation

Length of Workshop – 1 Day

The Blockchain immersion workshop will require some upfront work with the presenter to customize the workshop to the company’s industry.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leadership team and select functional leaders who are responsible for implementing new technologies
  • Workshop is limited to 20 people

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Fundamental understanding of blockchain – IoT and its application in business
  • Transformative impact of blockchain: internal and external
  • Required implementation methodology
  • Framework for implementation inside the company including next steps


At the end of the Blockchain Immersion workshop, the leadership team will have a foundational understanding of how blockchain technologies can impact their business processes, organizational design, served markets and their supply chain.  Attendees will have developed a next steps framework for continuing investigation prior to creating a business strategy.

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