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Business optimization is about focusing on the intersection of people, processes and technology and creating strategies to leverage technology. In our Business Process Redesign Consulting and Process Reengineering Consulting work, we utilize over 50 assessments and implementation workshops through our Company Physical® to identify strategic gaps and operating gaps throughout a company and its’ entire supply chain.  We identify short-medium-long term opportunities, utilize cross functional workshops to create implementation roadmaps and implement these roadmpas alongside client teams using lean business tools such as business process reengineering, KPI’s, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, customized training and Value Stream Mapping.  Our consultants work with our clients through the entire optimization process.

Our optimization expertise includes but isn’t limited to:

We don’t just look at the process. We look at its financial performance and strategic relevance as well. We can do analysis of the financial performance of a function, such as marketing/sales or an entire supply chain.

Our consultants:

  • Have led over 500 Kaizen events in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and high level business processes
  • Are experts at business process re-engineering in financial services, manufacturing, distribution, marketing/sales, engineering, purchasing and healthcare… Specifically the delivery of healthcare
  • Have worked in or led ISO certifications
  • Are experienced in planning and leading financial and operational restructuring
  • Have moved products and factories around the world
  • Developed new process lines in multiple industries
  • Rationalized the entire supply chain for multi-national corporations
  • Implemented change management and performance managements systems in large and small companies
  • Have lead dozens of organizational design and development projects
  • Designed and implemented dozens of business transformations
  • Restructured IT services in many industries

In all of our optimization projects, we focus on the strategic objectives of the company and the metrics that will foster sustainable high performance based on our Business Hierarchy of Needs® methodology. We provide our clients proven strategies, tactics and tools to optimize their business, parts of it or fully transform it.   Optimizing global manufacturing, distribution and supply chains is one of our specialties. We offer training, project management, and workshops to provide additional support to our clients. Check out some of our optimization projects here.

Talk to a Business Process Redesign Consulting or Process Reengineering Consulting expert at (909)-949-9083, send us a note at, or request more information here.

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