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Exit Planning Readiness Assessment

How many employees do you have in your business?

What are the approximate revenues of your company?

Is your business profitable?

Are you planning to exit your business or transition to a new role inside your business?

Do you have a personal strategy written down that clearly defines what you want or need when you exit your business or transition into a new role?

Have you developed a business strategy that supports your exit strategy?

How soon do you plan on exiting your business?

What internal hurdles do you need to deal with prior to an exit? (choose all applicable answers)

What external hurdles do you see facing you prior to your exit or transition?   (You can pick multiple answers to this question)

Have you ever sat down with an exit planning/transition expert who has walked you through the details of a well thought through exit or transition plan?

How do you plan on taking cash out of the business? (Check more than one if appropriate or your are unsure)


Do you have a buy sell agreement with your partners?

Have you had a formal business valuation done in the last 12 months?

Do you have a team of advisers helping you create and implement your personal and business strategies?

Does your team of advisers have knowledge in these areas?  (choose as many as you like)

Do you have someone who can step into your role when you leave?

Do you have someone who can lead the process of choosing the best strategy and implementing it while you run the business?

Thank you for taking the Exit Planning Readiness Assessment. This test is in two parts: Planning and Execution. A score is given to each of your answers. You will receive a summary of your results after you have completed the assessment.

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