Market Effectiveness Assessment

Market Effectiveness Assessment

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Market Effectiveness is the horizontal business process (swim lane) that starts with your company's strategic plan, includes how you develop and manage your products and ends with how effectively you market, sell and service your products.

The Market Effectiveness self assessment asks probing questions about this critical business process. The results obtained from this assessment can help:

  • Identify issues and/or gaps in critical functional practices
  • Prioritize strategic and operating gaps
  • Identify opportunities to improve the delivery of your required business results.

In summary, the Market Effectiveness assessment involves identifying issues and finding solutions to problems before they become unmanageable.  It is an opportunity to assess what the organization is doing right, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost.

Be brutally honest about the company's performance during the assessment. Once your assessment is completed, you will be directed to a page that will tell you your score and provide a quick comparison to our benchmark companies.  On that page we will share some additional information and provide links to other support materials and resources.

How healthy are your sales/revenue?
Characterize how concentrated your sales are among top customers:
What has happened with your market share over the past 2 years?
How happy are you with recent investments aimed at growing sales/revenue (Marketing, Sales, R&D, Service, Customer Service, etc.)?
How to you gather market information and track key market trends?
When did the company last formally assess its reputation and customer satisfaction?
Which of these best describes your brand(s)?
Who manages your companies’ brand(s)?
How do you develop product managers in your company?
How quickly and effectively do you develop and launch new products/services compared to competitors?
What percentage of annual sales is products less than 2 years old?
What would customers say is an issue for your company?
(check all that apply)
What are some of your biggest concerns regarding your company?
(check all that apply)
How effective is your Sales organization?
How effective is your Customer Service organization?
How effective is your Marketing organization?
Check the best descriptor of your business type:
Number of employees in your business:
Have you been able to adapt to changes in customer buying patterns during the pandemic?

Be sure to provide a valid email address and click Submit Answers to see your results!

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