Block Chain Survey

    Block Chain Survey

    Welcome to Group50's Block Chain Survey.

    Thank you for participating in our research on the current state of blockchain adoption for business.  There are many use cases that are being developed in cities like Dubai, large corporations like Walmart, healthcare records in Estonia, hundreds of crypto currencies and many other ground breaking projects. There is little data available that measures the understanding, acceptance and status of blockchain adoption in companies like yours.  We believe our research will provide you with insight to what companies like yours and companies in your industry are doing and planning over the next couple of years.  We intend on updating this research every year.

    We will provide you an overview report of the research results as our thanks for participating in this research.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note at

    Thank you again for being part of this important research.




    Jim Gitney, CEO Group50 and The Group50 Blockchain Team

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