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Founded in 2004, the focus of Group50® started out in Global Manufacturing and Distribution.  Over the last few years, we have been utilizing our expertise in Strategy ExecutionLean Business, Digital Technology, Market Effectiveness and Organizational Development in other industries such as Healthcare, non-profits, professional firms and retail.  Our clients tend to be middle market companies or divisions of larger companies with annual sales between $50M and $750M. We rely heavily on 40+ assessments and workshops in Group50’s Company Physical® and our core Value Stream MappingContinuous Improvement and Lean Business tools to guide our approach, plan the roadmap to the future state, work with the client through implementation and transfer skills.  We utilize former operating executives and professionals (not freshly minted MBA’s) who roll up their shirt sleeves and work side by side with our clients as consultants, interim executives, board members, coaches and advisers.

“Our mission is to be the only consulting partner middle market companies need”

Our consultants have operating experience in every functional area and we have the resources required to deal with all project requirements without having to go outside to other firms.  Our projects cover the gamut of client needs from assessment to business transformation and restructuring.  We put consultants into Projects who have experience with any issue a client is facing.

They have guided companies such as GE, Black & Decker, P&G, PWC, Quest Communications, Verizon, IBM, AT&T, Citigroup, Chemtura, Waterpik and many others to higher levels of performance during their careers, so clients can take advantage of their knowledge of global best practices. 

Our global business management consultants speak 10 languages, have completed projects in over 25 countries and come from many industries with backgrounds in finance, marketing, sales, operations, IT, manufacturing, distribution and engineering. Because of this experience, Group50® brings unique leadership skills, insights and best practices from around the globe to our client projects.  We have worked on hundreds of projects for large and small companies worldwide.

Our practice areas include:

Strategic Execution

Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Distribution

Digital Technology

Continuous Improvement

Organizational Development

Global Initiatives

Market Effectiveness

You can read more about the Group50® Advantage.

If you are looking for a consulting partner who can help you navigate tough issues inside your business and who will work side by side with your team during implementation, you can request more information here, send us an email to info@group50.com or call us at (909) 949-9083.

Consulting Practices

  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Sourcing Manufacturing, distributing and sourcing products and services globally are three critical processes that every company…
  • Global Initiatives Most companies have some type of global footprint through their sales or supply chain initiatives.…
  • Organizational Development Process Organizations are the life blood of any company. In today’s complex business environment, a companys…
  • Strategy Execution Consulting 90% of companies don’t effectively implement their corporate strategies. Effective Strategic Execution ™ requires mechanisms that…
  • Market Effectiveness Market Effectiveness™ is about how well you service your marketplace and your customers. It includes…


Group50, strategy execution consulting company has successfully implemented strategic execution and performance management systems, merged companies, rationalized and consolidated manufacturing and distribution, built greenfield plants, implemented new products, created new markets, re-engineered business processes, expanded companies abroad and have more than a dozen financial and operational restructurings under our belts.
Our approach to elevating the performance of a company applies to a broad array of Industry segments. The techniques we use have proven successful in many other types of firms such as real healthcare, professional services, NGO’s, franchises and others. We work with large and small companies, having helped several start-ups build their business model and get funded as well as provide key resources to middle market companies who needed added clout on their bench, and worked with large companies to identify primary areas for improvement: More importantly we work side by side with our clients to implement our recommendations.
Our engagements range from a few days when doing assessments to 24 months or longer when working with companies to develop and execute their strategic initiatives.

Our operating experience, assessments, workshops and other tools, provides clients with the ability to lead their organizations and operations to significantly higher and sustainable levels of performance. We firmly believe “what gets measured gets managed” and when we put a consultant into a project, their experience allows them to come up to speed faster and deliver results more quickly.

Find out more about Group50 through the following radio interview: APMG RADIO Jim Gitney

Find out more about Group50 Consulting: Call (909)-949-9083 email us at info@group50.com or go here to request more information.

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