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“While many perceive Information Technology as a strategic asset for the corporation, most struggle to translate this potential into reality in their business.  Let our experience help your company establish a strategic digital advantage.”


Today, the perception of digital technology has morphed from that of a cost center to a strategic asset.  Digital technology can enable you to understand your customers’ needs and engage them when, where, and how they wish to do business with you.  With proper implementation, technology opens up process re-engineering avenues that can exponentially increase productivity and efficiency, with significant benefits to your bottom line.  As offshore markets saturate, the price advantages they offer start to diminish against the management and security challenges presented.  The Industry Internet of Things (IIOT) promises to revolutionize our ideas of collaboration and supply chain.  As the U.S. is focused on bringing jobs back onshore and keeping them here, Information Technology offers a way to create the job market of tomorrow.  The good news is you don’t have to be a very large corporation to avail of this technological advantage.  Cloud implementations and Software as a Service (SaaS) have democratized access to the full potential of Information Technology and brought it within the reach of small to mid-market companies. 

So how does the potential of digital technology become more fully realized?  The answer is often found in one word: alignment. Alignment between the digital technology departments and the core business.  When this alignment is missing, the business finds it hard to relate to what IT is doing and what their IT expenditures are buying them.  Without the alignment, IT personnel may find themselves struggling under slashed budgets and justifying their funding requests in front of a sea of glazed over eyes. 

That is where Group 50’s IT practice begins its work.  Our team of seasoned IT executives have successfully helped a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 15 to start ups synchronize IT goals and strategy with that of the business.  We work with you in focused assessments that: 

  • Draw out and articulate your goals and strategy
  • Identify opportunities to capitalize on these using Digital Technology

Our collaborative workshops

  • Engage IT and other lines of business to develop a roadmap to implement these opportunities based on your priorities and where you are positioned in leveraging technology.

Group 50’s consultants are equally comfortable speaking the language of technology and business and can:

  • Answer 7 key Information Technology questions
  • Leverage their hands on experience with the leading technology solutions to help you program or project manage specific technology initiatives and implementations
  • Create a self-sustaining alignment between the core business and IT with a communication framework developed and tested in various industries, yet customized to fit into your company’s culture
  • Help companies maximize profitability by leveraging their IT investments

Mid-market companies that have made the alignment between the business and IT find themselves edging out competitors in productivity and cost reduction.  A recent Deloitte mid-market survey observed that 41% of respondents see “critical” value in technology as a differentiater and catalyst for growth, while 38% view technology as a strategic investment.  This survey found the number reporting a higher tech spend has jumped to 58%.  Mid-market US companies are on the threshold of a new world of operational efficiency, productivity and customer engagement through the Industrial Internet of Things.  The rapidly changing face of technology and its myriad offerings makes for a bewildering range of choices.  Group50 is here to help you create and implement a Digital Information strategy that fits your business needs and priorities. Some middle market companies need more than that and may want to consider a full Business Transformation

We have created a series of Digital Technology assessments that are focused on getting answers to the 7 critical technology questions.  They are part of part of Group50’s Company Physical®, consisting of over 50 assessments and workshops designed to provide a client’s leadership team with the appropriate insights to how their business operates, identifies the opportunities to significantly improve business performance and develop and implement improvement programs.  Group50 has the resources and skill sets that will enable us to make the entire transformation journey with our clients.

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