Performance Management Assessment

The Performance Management Assessment focuses on the methods and business processes a company utilizes to manage the performance of its stakeholders: Leadership, employees, teams, contract workers and suppliers. It focuses on how well the company communicates its strategies and the engagement and accountability techniques the company uses to measure performance across its business.


  • Identify the relationship between performance management, strategic execution and employee engagement
  • Define the gaps between the existing processes and those required to develop a culture of strategic execution
  • Development of a well defined set of short-medium-long term activities that will significantly improve stakeholder performance

Length of Audit 2 -4 days

  • 1 day pre-work collecting data
  • 1 – 3 days on site reviewing key performance management business processes

Focus of Audit

  • Organizational alignment
  • Strategic Execution process
  • Goal Setting
  • Methods of feedback
  • Employee engagement
  • Succession planning
  • Change management from an organizational perspective
  • Employee development
  • Methods used to deliver effective training
  • Evaluation systems
  • Continuous improvement and process re-engineering


  • Data review
  • Interviews
  • Audits of employee evaluations: leaders and individual contributors

The Performance Management Assessment report will provide a gap analysis of the methods utilized by a company to elevate the performance of its stakeholders and provide a set of recommendations and a roadmap on how the company can significantly elevate the results of its performance management efforts.

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