Is Consulting Right For You?

Is Consulting Right For You?

By: Admin   |   blank  November 18, 2015

Thank you for considering Group50® as a career option.  The first step in us getting to know each other is to find out more information about your aspirations.  Please think carefully about the following questions.

Have you been a consultant during your career ?

Please provide us with a summary of why you are considering consulting for your next career move and why you think consulting is the right thing for you?

What functional areas have you worked in?  Please choose N/A if you haven't done internal or external consulting before.

Have you had a position in a corporation where you were a consultant or adviser to management teams in the corporation?

Do you want to consult full time or part time?

Tell us about your education and certifications.

Have you ever started up your own business?

How many years of manufacturing and distribution experience have you had?

What functional titles did you hold in your last 2-3 roles?

Have you been responsible for business development and managing customers?

Do you have substantial internal selling experience?

In what industrial sectors have you worked?

As part of our process, we do background and reference checks on our consulting candidates. Is that o.k with you?

If you are on LinkedIn, or have your own website, please provide us the URL(s).

Please provide us with any additional informations or comments you would like to share with us.

Thank you for completing the “Is Consulting Right for You?” survey. 

You will be receiving an email from us summarizing your responses and providing next steps information after you hit the SUBMIT button.

The Group50® team

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