Recession Planning Workshop
  • Recession Planning Workshop

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    Preparing for a Downturn

    We are in a recession as declared by multiple well known business and financial leaders in a recent Forbes article. I completely agree and believe that this will parallel the financial crisis of 2009. Given that this atypical recession is here with unprecedented speed, Group50 has put together a Recession Planning Workshop that is designed to provide senior leaders and stakeholders with a full view of the inherent recession risk in a company.  The workshop has an elapsed time of 1-2 …Read More

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  • Blockchain and IoT Strategy and Use Cases – Aviation

    Preparing for a Downturn

    It was a month ago that I did a Blockchain and IoT workshop with over 65 Aviation executives at the IAFS Planning Summit in Denver.  In that workshop, I discussed Blockchain and IoT applications in the Aviation Industry.  I did an informal pole and found that the average understanding of Blockchain and IoT amongst executives is …Read More

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  • Increasing Enterprise Value by Mitigating Multiple Risk

    Preparing for a Downturn

    I was recently asked by an executive about how he should manage the division he just took over as its president. I told him to “Manage it like you are going to sell it – Optimize enterprise value and mitigate multiple risk”.  The executive gave a strange look and asked why that mattered.

    Many leaders think that their only measure of success is the P&L–the amount of operating profit the company generated. Those who believe that are missing …Read More

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  • 5 Phases of Lean Deployment – Phase 1, Exploration

    Preparing for a Downturn


    The 5 Phases of Lean Deployment provides organizations who are looking to become world-class leaders in their industry a roadmap for getting there. When undertaking improvements, it is usually easy to establish the “what”: …Read More

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  • Driving Continuous Improvement – Part IV: Creating a Culture of Strategic Execution

    Preparing for a Downturn

    There are 5 key elements for driving continuous improvement.  Part IV of this series is about the most effective way to integrate continuous improvement into your business and creating a culture of strategic execution.  Continuous improvement as a strategy requires …Read More

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