HR Self-Assessment

HR Self-Assessment

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Welcome! The Human Resources self- assessment focuses on the employee practices, policies, procedures and strategic intent that are the foundation of the operation and culture of any company. The purpose of an HR Self Audit is to:

  • Determine the current state of your HR practices, policies and procedures
  • Determine the risk (compliance, legal, personnel, productivity) any HR gaps might present
  • Establish a roadmap to close any gaps that could create business issues

The results obtained from this assessment can help:

  • Identify issues and/or gaps in HR practices
  • Prioritize the gaps for attention
  • Minimize lawsuits and/or regulatory violations
  • Identify opportunities to better deliver your required business results.

In summary, an HR assessment involves identifying issues and finding solutions to problems before they become unmanageable. It is an opportunity to assess what an organization is doing right, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost.

Based on the difficulty of this task, more and more companies are looking for an outside resource to conduct the audit and in turn develop a list of required and recommended changes. Thus, completing the following SELF ASSESSMENT will allow you to determine if you have sufficient HR support and expertise, have potential risk/compliance issues or if you need to seek additional resources to support and grow your business.

Process Score each area (being brutally honest) on a scale from 1 to 10, where:

  • 1 (High Risk/Poor Results/Not at All)
  • 5 (Average, but not helping build your business)
  • 10 (Strongly Agree/Best in Class, where others look for support and guidance)

Once your assessment is completed, you will be directed to a page that will tell you your score and provide a quick comparison to our benchmarked companies. On that page we will share some additional information and provide links to other support materials and resources.

You will also be able to reach out to a Group50 expert to schedule a free one hour consult if you choose to do so.

Is the turnover in your key positions in line with your expectation?
Are you bringing in talent that fits your needs now and for the long term?
Do you have a written staffing strategy concerning the use of temporary workforce, staffing agencies, contingency staffing, outsourcing, etc.?
If you are not unionized, do you have a written strategy and plan to address future activity? Has your legal team concurred with this plan? Have you discussed this with your current employees?
If you are unionized do you have strong long-term agreements, relationships and a clear go-forward strategy that leadership and the union support?
Do you have a robust Succession Planning procedure that delivers leaders when they are needed and benefits retention?
Are you or your HR Organization spending an appropriate amount of time on Personnel matters; Safety results/OSHA inspections, Leaves (FMLA, Sick Leave, Vacation, Stress/Emotional), Discipline/Performance Management, court cases?
Is your Workers Compensation rating in line with your industry?
Are your Vision, Mission, and Values known by employees and used in decision-making or they just a picture on the wall?
Do you update your Employee Handbook/Policies and Practices Guide annually and do you have signatures on file for all employees denoting “received, read and understood”?
Do you have clear written procedures and policies covering your most at-risk areas: expense/travel, computer/social media/personal use, etc.?
Do you have clearly defined, ongoing communications methods (e.g., “CEO’s quarterly update” employee newsletters, employee meetings, results scorecards published in employee areas) that effectively let employees know how the business is performing?
Do you have a written Compensation and Benefits strategy?  Is it delivering the expected behaviors?
Are your Bonus/Incentive/Commission plans delivering the expected behaviors?  Are they well understood by all employees?  Will they pass a diversity review?
Are you compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for Wage and Hour, Exempt vs. Non-exempt, Outside workers, Temporary Workers and ERISA?
Is your current Performance Review system considered an annual burden or does it provide ongoing active feedback that is delivering performance growth?
Do you have a proactive Employee Relations program or do you just react to issues as they arise?
Are HR/People analytics used only by Finance/HR or are they part of the company’s decision-making for resources, skills, competencies, ready now, training for new projects, etc.?
Are your Personnel Files compliant: Secure, Separate locations for I-9/Medical/ Hire/Feedback and are line managers aware of these requirements?
Is your Culture equipped for major changes or challenges such as Merger or Acquisition, a business downturn, explosive growth, union changes/incursion(s), etc.?
Do you have a Change Management/Change Readiness process in place? 
Is your training program delivering the skills that you need now and for the future?
How many employees are there in yours company?

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