Stopping Short of Excellence – Overcoming “Good Enough”

Stopping Short of Excellence – Overcoming “Good Enough”

By: Admin   |     October 12, 2023

As leaders, we all know that good enough doesn’t cut it. But in today’s lean and remote organizations, teams tend to accept “Good Enough”, which checks the box so that they can move on to the next critical issue in the business. It is a potential trap that can lead to mediocrity and subpar performance.  It can create:

  1. Stagnation
  2. Loss of Competitiveness
  3. Customer Discontent
  4. Employee Demotivation

Overcoming the Good Enough Syndrome

Focusing everyone in the business on the “Most Important Goal” of the company and using it as the litmus test for everything they do is the starting point. Engaging your entire organization in the development and implementation of strategy is the second step. Addressing the bridge between strategy and results: People and teams, is the third step. When everyone is focused on one goal, good enough is no longer acceptable and results will improve dramatically.

How To Get Started

In my book, Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs® I outline an approach for overcoming the good enough syndrome. The Business Hierarchy of Needs® applies similar concepts as outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Traversing through a series of needs to achieve self-actualization.  This concept applies to business and there are three levels of needs that every business must navigate through.  They are:

Level 1: Strategy, Analysis and Planning – Fully developed customer focused strategic plan defined by a Most Important Goal and supported by strategies, tactics and KPI’s that address strategic and operational gaps.

Level 2: Knowledge and Change Management – Organizational development of winning behaviors and critical skills, rewarding those who routinely achieve their stated objectives and bridging the gap between strategy and results.

Level 3: Implementation – Create an environment of continuous improvement based on global best practices and process re-engineering utilizing technology, automation and cobotics.

For my book, Gallup Inc. summarized the pot of gold waiting for companies who embrace full engagement… 23% improvement in productivity is one of them, but there are many more.

If you want to get started on defining the unique needs of your business, you can download the

Business Hierarchy of Needs® workbook form the resource download section here. You can read more about all of this here or purchase the book on Amazon here.

The “good enough” mindset may offer temporary respite from the pressures of the business world, but it ultimately stunts growth and limits success. To achieve excellence, businesses must progress through the Business Hierarchy of Needs, constantly striving to reach a “Most Important Goal”. By doing so, they not only ensure long-term success and growth but also have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on their industry, the company and the wellbeing of its stakeholders.


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  • Alissa Kluver October 14, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    I just left a post similar to this one, but the material wasn’t as engaging as what’s here.

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