Exit Planning For Privately Held Companies – Assessing Readiness For Your Transition

Group50® Consulting’s Exit Planning and Transition Readiness Assessment is designed to provide owners of closely held companies with a clear view of the preparation requirements to exit their business or transition to a new role inside it. The assessment covers 7 critical areas of planning activities. The assessment provides a detailed preparedness report and Identifies gaps that need to be covered in order to have a successful exit or transition.

Focus of Assessment

  • Individual owner strategies
  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Company strategy
  • Maximizing enterprise value
  • Succession Planning
  • Liquidity event planning
  • Timelines

Length of Assessment:
One to three days depending on the complexity of the business

This assessment consists of 5 steps that are done both on-site and offsite.

  • Interviews with Owners
  • High level financial performance review
  • Review of owner and business strategic plans
  • Interviews with top members of management
  • Review of strategies and tactics focused on maximizing enterprise value and readiness for exit or transition

Expected Results:
We will provide an Exit Plan and Transition Readiness report which will speak to the completeness of the owner’s plans and needs. It will also address the strengths and weakness of the business and its strategies. The report will identify gaps where the company’s plans aren’t in sync with the ability of the owners to exit or transition. The Report will include:

  • Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats inside the company
  • Determining key value drivers of the company and assessing their impact on enterprise value
  • Short, medium and long range recommendations to correct any problem areas uncovered in order to meet the strategic objectives of the owners and the company

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