IoE - Internet of Everything Assessment


The Internet of Everything ( IoE ) assessment is a multi-day activity that is focused on developing an understanding of a company’s critical workflows and identifying the future state opportunities that exist by leveraging device/system inter-connectivity.  In this assessment, we document the current state of processes and identify ways that workflow can become more efficient by utilizing new technologies.


  • Create a scalable approach to IoE based on the company’s strategic needs
  • Understand the ability of the company’s existing systems to be able to support future connectivity
  • Create an IoE roadmap

Length of Assessment:
5 to 7 days depending on the complexity of the process


  • Review strategic performance needs
  • Review of key performance indicators
  • Interviews with managers and key employees
  • Understand limitations of existing digital and Information Technologies
  • People, places and things inventory
  • Compare current state against Group50’s IoE best practices library

Participants Will Include

  • Senior leaders
  • Key business process owners and IT personnel

Expected Recommendation Outcomes:

  • Business needs prioritization
  • Roadmap for effectively utilizing the appropriate IoE technologies
  • Redesigned workflows
  • Short – medium – long term recommendations for planning purposes
  • Change management plan

The IoE assessment provides the company with an understanding of the current state of the workflows in a business process and how technology is used to accomplish those tasks.  The roadmap gives the company short-medium-long term recommendations on how to leverage technology to realize greater productivity and effectiveness.

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