Quality Management Effectiveness Assessment

The Quality management Effectiveness Assessment examines how fully your organization has implemented quality philosophy throughout the development process from concept to catalog and within the key supply chain functions. We assess maturity against 20 specific practices associated with high customer satisfaction resulting from excellent product and service quality, and we clarify how relevant these practices are in your market space. This assessment can be customized to any specific portions of a Quality Management System. We look for low-return activities that could be curtailed at low risk. Finally, we create a roadmap to deliver key improvements.


  • Review metrics for measuring customer-perceived quality and determine baseline results
  • Identify QM practices supporting high-quality product realization and on-time delivery
  • Assess the organization’s maturity in the execution of best Quality Management practices in your industry
  • Identify gaps between existing practices and those critical for meeting customer expectations
  • Outline hurdles to addressing gaps
  • Deliver a Final Report that identifies key opportunities and the potential ROI

Length of Assessment 3+ days (depending on organization size and complexity)

  • 1 day per site collecting data if readily available. (Additional time would be required to establish metrics and collect corresponding data)
  • Up to 2 days on site interviewing key stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts, individually and in teams,
    to identify areas of perceived need for improvement and associated value
  • 1 day preparing final report

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding of your company’s quality management strengths and weaknesses in relation to:
    • Product/Service Development & Introduction
    • QC/QA Timeliness in Product/Service Execution
    • Quality Management System Maintenance
    • Organizational Commitment to Continuous Improvement
    • Prioritized list of improvement areas

The final report will provide an assessment of what is working and what requires attention within your Quality Management Organization and the interfacing processes that affect delivery to customer expectations. It will also provide a set of recommendations on where to focus your attention for maximum improvements.

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