Strategic Execution Assessment

Overview The Strategic Execution TM Assessment is focused on a company’s strategic execution effectiveness. Strategic Execution encompasses multiple business processes which include strategic planning, cascading strategic objectives throughout the organization and performance management. 90% of companies don’t effectively implement strategy and our assessment will identify the execution gaps that exist inside the company and make recommendations on how to significantly improve strategic performance.


  • Assess the company’s success on implementing strategy and how success is measured
  • Understand management’s perspective on executing strategy
  • Identify the company’s primary processes for strategic execution
  • Create a strategic execution process map
  • Benchmark the company’s process against world class processes
  • Identify the execution gaps that exist in the company
  • Create short-medium-long term recommendations

Length of Assessment

  • 3 days for data collection (dependent on the size of the company)
  • 2-3 days to assess and validate the current systems via interviews/audits with subject matter experts, leadership and key stakeholders
  • 2-3 days to create a final report: process, milestones, focus areas and expected outcomes

Focus of Assessment

  • Strategic planning process
  • Communications processes
  • Performance management for executing strategy
  • Execution success
  • Change management activities associated with strategic change


  • Data review
  • Interviews – employees, leadership, stakeholders, board, contractors, etc.
  • Audits of existing systems, policies and procedures

Conclusion The strategic execution assessment report covers:

  • The effectiveness of existing resources, measures, practices, expectations, strategies, etc.
  • Gap Analysis vs. Best-in-Class strategic execution processes
  • Recommendations on how to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Prioritized list of short-medium-long term activities to focus attention on Strategic Execution

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(Part of Group50’s Company Physical® Series of Cross Functional Assessments)

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