Strategic Execution Assessment

Overview The Strategic Execution assessment is focused on a company’s strategic execution effectiveness. Strategic Execution encompasses multiple business processes which include strategic planning, a Most Important Goal, cascading strategic objectives throughout the organization and performance management. 90% of companies don’t effectively implement strategy and our assessment will identify the execution gaps that exist inside the company and make recommendations on how to significantly improve strategic performance. Our assessment covers the 29 elements of our Business Hierarchy of Needs® change management framework.


  • Assess the company’s success on implementing strategy and how success is measured
  • Understand management’s perspective on executing strategy
  • Identify the company’s primary processes for strategic execution
  • Create a strategic execution process map
  • Benchmark the company’s process against the Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  • Identify the execution gaps that exist in the company
  • Create short-medium-long term recommendations

Length of Assessment

  • 3 days for data collection (dependent on the size of the company)
  • 2-3 days to assess and validate the current systems via interviews/audits with subject matter experts, leadership and key stakeholders
  • 2-3 days to create a final report: process, milestones, focus areas and expected outcomes

Focus of Assessment

  • Strategic planning process
  • Communications processes
  • Performance management for executing strategy
  • Execution success
  • Change management activities associated with strategic change


  • Data review
  • Interviews – employees, leadership, stakeholders, board, contractors, etc.
  • Audits of existing systems, policies and procedures

Conclusion The strategic execution assessment report covers:

  • The effectiveness of existing resources, measures, practices, expectations, strategies, etc.
  • Gap Analysis vs. Best-in-Class strategic execution processes
  • Recommendations on how to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Prioritized list of short-medium-long term activities to focus attention on Strategic Execution

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To read more about how this workshop fits into developing a “Culture of Strategy Execution” you can order our CEO’s book here.

(Part of Group50’s Company Physical® Series of Cross Functional Assessments and Workshops)


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