Strategy and Culture Delivers Exceptional Results

Strategy and Culture Delivers Exceptional Results

By: Admin   |     July 28, 2014

strategy.process.cultreMany companies have a strategic plan and ALL companies have a culture. If strategy and culture aren’t integrated, you ARE UNDER-DELIVERING! Is your company poised to Deliver a Culture of Stretegic Execution? If you ask a business leader about their Strategic Plan, the typical response is… “It’s around here somewhere,just let me look.” They believe a Strategic Planning Process is expensive; costing time, resources, and promises. A scalable and sustainable Strategic Execution Process is even more time consuming and costly. Many companies fail to deliver the results and promises contained within their Strategic Plan and that’s usually a Culture issue. Strategic Execution is not only about having a plan, but MORE importantly about putting the processes andsystems in place to cascade it throughout the organization, having measures and metrics to track your progress, and finally having a review and communication program to bring the plan to life. Of course, your people and culture make all of these happen – or not happen in way too many cases. Once you have a strategy defined, the next question should be… “Is my organization equipped to meet the full demands of this Strategic Plan?” If you cannot say YES with 100% enthusiasm, you should complete an Organization Design & Development Assessment; staffing, policies and procedures, decision making, talent acquisition, training, change management/readiness, etc. This work begins your Culture Assessment journey. Many believe the Strategy and Culture circle should encompass everything, but that’s a blog for another time. Remember, if you want to deliver your plans, ensure:

  • Your plan is clear, action oriented and establishes true STRATEGIES
  • You have put the PROCESSES and SYSTEMS in place to know where you are and why
  • Your organization’s CULTURE is strong and ready to deliver.

Group50 Consulting offers organization design and development services that cater to your specific business needs, additional information can be found in fuller detail on our website. Our assessments identify the unique opportunities for your organization and our workshops, systems and training provide guidance to focus on your priority areas. Whether you’ve just begun the process or are on the final stages of initiating change, we are equipped to drive your Strategic Execution for organizational-wide success.


Bruce Dougan, SPHR OD Practice Lead Group50 Consulting (513)-508-0351  He heads up Group50’s Organization Development Practice. He combines global corporation expertise (Procter & Gamble) with the agility required in smaller fast paced organizations. He brings leadership expertise in Manufacturing/ Operations, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Customer Service and Human Resources. He adds a significant amount of people knowledge to our Strategic Planning programs and is considered an expert in Organization Design and Development, Talent Management processes, Human Resources Assessments/Audits, Mergers and Integrations, Change Readiness and Cultural Development. Group50®’s focus is working with our clients to develop a culture of effective strategic execution. Group50 takes a holistic approach to effective strategic execution utilizing proprietary methodologies and tools that are sustainable and scalable. We approach all projects with a focus on alignment, integration and optimization in support of the company’s strategic objectives.

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