Change Management Assessment

The Change Management Assessment will determine if your Company is capable of delivering exceptional business results during a high period of change. Are you a Cheetah or the Titanic? Are you quick/agile/adaptive or slow/ponderous/entrenched? Do you embrace change or put up barriers?

The Change Management Assessment provides a methodology for assessing, analyzing and diagnosing your Company’s change readiness. We compare these findings with both “best in class” organizations and to your leadership’s expectations. Group50 will then create a final report that allows your company to focus on the highest ROI.


  • Understand the current organization’s change readiness
  • Determine if your Organization is “ready” for the next big change
  • Determine if there are significant and/or planned change and the current change management (corporate and individual) systems
  • Define the gaps between your design and best in class organizations.

Length of Assessment

  • 0.5 days for data collection
  • 1-2 days to assess and validate the current systems via interviews/audits with Subject Matter Experts, Leadership and Key Stakeholders
  • 1 day to create a final report: process, milestones, focus areas and expected outcomes

Focus of Assessments

  • Employee Practices, policies and procedures
  • Performance Management/Evaluation systems
  • Business Results/Scorecard, Goals and Action Plans
  • Business cycles and successes
  • Vision, Mission, Values, Leadership Traits alignment and utilization
  • Diversity and Inclusion programs


  • Data review
  • Interviews – Employees, Leadership, Stakeholders, Board, etc.
  • Audits of existing Systems, Policies and Procedures against global best practices

The Change Management Assessment output is a report covering:

  • Existing resources, measures, culture, expectations, strategies, etc.
  • Gap Analysis vs. Best-in-Class Organizations and company/leadership expectations
  • Prioritized list to focus attention
  • Final Presentation

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