Change Management Assessment

The Change Management Assessment will determine if your Company is capable of delivering exceptional business results during a high period of change. Are you a Cheetah or the Titanic? Are you quick/agile/adaptive or slow/ponderous/entrenched? Do you embrace change or put-up barriers?

The Change Management Assessment provides a methodology for assessing, analyzing and diagnosing your Company’s change readiness for transformation, integration or other types of significant changes to the business environment. We compare these findings with both “best in class” organizations, analytical results, and to your leadership’s expectations. Group50 will then create a final report that allows your company to focus on the highest ROI.


  • Understand the current organization’s change readiness
  • Determine if your organization is “ready” for the next big change based on Group50’s Business Hierarchy of Needs® change management framework
  • Determine if there are significant and/or planned change and the current change management (corporate and individual) systems
  • Define the gaps between your design and best in class organizations
  • Utilize assessment tools such as Predictive Index to assess team change management capabilities to support planned changes and identify gaps

Length of Assessment

  • 1-2 days for data collection and assessments
  • 1-2 days to assess and validate the current systems via interviews/audits with Subject Matter Experts, Leadership and Key Stakeholders
  • 1 day to create a final report: process, milestones, focus areas and expected outcomes

Focus of Assessments

  • Strategic Execution
  • Employee practices, policies and procedures
  • Performance management/evaluation systems – accountability
  • Business results/scorecard, goals and action plans
  • Business cycles and successes
  • Vision, Mission, Values, Leadership Traits, strategic alignment
  • Diversity and Inclusion programs


  • Data review
  • Interviews – Employees, Leadership, Stakeholders, Board, etc.
  • Audits of existing systems, policies and procedures against global best practices

The Change Management Assessment output is a report covering:

  • Existing resources, measures, culture, expectations, strategies, etc.
  • Gap Analysis vs. Best-in-Class Organizations, assessments and company/leadership expectations
  • Prioritized list to focus attention
  • Team optimization
  • Final Presentation

For more information or scheduling contact:
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Group50® Consulting
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