Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are an important part of understanding the needs of an organization and planning for the future. Group50’s employee survey comes in two parts: one for management and one for everyone else. Each part is focused on strategic execution, operating gaps. leadership, employee attitudes and needs. Our survey is designed to identify gaps in the way the company leads, directs, motivates, develops and manages its employees. Each survey is customized to the needs of the business and the key issues management wants more information on. The survey results will provide a gap analysis and a set of recommendations for senior leaders.


  • Gain insight on employees understanding of the company’s strategy and their role in execution it
  • Understand the difference between management’s view and everyone else’s
  • Identify employee views on how they are led and managed
  • Provide insight on the company’s culture and leadership traits
  • Assess employee performance and motivation
  • Measure employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Review the techniques used for performance management and succession planning
  • Understand the level of direction and accountability inside the company

Length of Survey
3-4 weeks to customize survey for specific company needs, collect responses, analyse results and prepare and present final report


  • Company assessment with senior leadership team to identify survey priorities
  • One on one interviews with top managers and key employees (optional but highly recommended)
  • Web based survey to all employees
  • Final report to management

Participants Will Include

  • Senior leaders
  • All employees (note: it is recommended that contractors, temps and other stakeholders be included)

Expected Information/Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Identify opportunities inside the company to improve the performance of business processes and the productivity of financial and human capital
  • Processes for improving strategic and tactical accountability across all stakeholders
  • Provide methods for improving cultural alignment
  • Make recommendations on how to improve employee attitudes
  • Methods to improve employee engagement and focus
  • Identify tools and techniques that will provide leaders with the ability to better monitor the employee performance and accountability

The employee survey and its final report will provide senior leaders with a clear unbiased view of the gaps between their desired state and their current state. They will clearly understand their strategic and operating gaps in regard to organizational execution. Senior leaders will have a full set of recommended actions they can take to deal with these gaps, understand the issues that permeate their organization and keep the organization from higher levels of performance. The final report will also provide insight to proven methodologies that are used by other organizations to improve employee engagement, performance and accountability.

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