Integrated Talent Management Assessment

This assessment focuses on the systems and practices that deliver and develop employees to your organization: Workforce Planning, Recruiting and Hiring, Training, Comp/Benefits, Succession/Career Planning and Performance Management. These are your Talent Management systems. During this assessment, we will review your current systems and practices, compare them to best in class, and determine which area has the most important gap for you to focus.


  • Define the gaps between existing processes and those required to deliver the Company’s business results and/or bring the systems/procedure into compliance.
  • Assess the status of your Company’s Talent Management systems.
  • Complete a Gap Analysis of your systems vs. Best in Class Organizations.

Length of Assessment 2-3 days
Talent Management

  • 0.5 day pre-work collecting data
  • 1-2 days on site interviewing the subject matter experts to compare written procedures with actual practice
  • 1.0 day completing a Gap Analysis and prioritizing the results

Focus of Assessment

  • Existing Human Capital/Talent Management Practices and Procedures
  • Determination how closely actual practices align with written procedures
  • Examine effectiveness of systems relative to company’s strategies, investments and expectations

Expected Outcomes

  • Full understanding of company’s systems, practices, procedures and results
  • Gap analysis of actual vs. expectations for systems.
  • Prioritized list of improvement areas


The final report will provide an assessment of what is working and what requires attention within your Talent Management systems and practices. It will also provide a set of recommendations on where to focus your attention for maximum improvements.

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