Why Would You Do a Human Resources Assessment?

Why Would You Do a Human Resources Assessment?

By: Admin   |     October 18, 2014

canstockphoto10653236You should always be taking stock in past performance: Success, Failures, Opportunities, Strategic needs. The norm is to review your financials – Sales, Revenue, spending patterns, profitability, etc. but do you strategically review one of your most critical business functions – Human Resources and the Organization itself? Most companies don’t, leaving it to the leaders in the organization. Most companies respond to the immediate needs of the organization without advanced planning or forethought, unless it is a reorganization or a huge project. To determine how prepared your organization is for the future and your “next big opportunity,” or the company’s strategic needs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you compliant in every area of your organization? Human Resources, OSHA, Legal, Financial, etc.
  • Do you have the processes and procedures to optimize your Human Capital? On-Boarding, I-9’s, Payroll/Benefits, Employee Handbook, Affordable Care Act, Performance Management?
  • Is your organization ready for the next big event your company will face? Training, Staffing, Efficiency/Engagement/Effectiveness, Culture Assessment, Change Management?
  • Is your Organization Designed to deliver your business needs? Communications, Right people in the right place with the right skills, Sales Force effectiveness, Retention, Succession Plans?
  • Does Human Resources have the resources and capability to support the company’s strategic needs?
  • Is employee engagement and the coaching skills of your leaders great?

If you can’t shout YES for each of these questions, you should complete a Human Resources Assessment to determine where you might be at risk and to develop a plan to close the gaps. Remember, your people deliver EVERY SUCCESS in your organization!

Successful companies do a health check on their Financial and Operational criteria, but to complete a true Company Physical®, you have to look at: Organization Design, Employee Practices, Policies and Procedures, Performance Management, Comp/Benefits, Culture and Change Management. Group50 Human Resource Consulting Firm conducts a straight forward Human Resources Assessment that will “Define the gaps between the existing employee practices/business processes and those required to deliver the company’s strategic and business results and/or bring the company into compliance.”




Group50’s focus is working with our clients to develop a culture of effective strategic execution. Group50 takes a holistic approach to effective strategic execution utilizing proprietary methodologies and tools that are sustainable and scalable. We approach all projects with a focus on alignment, integration and optimization in support of the company’s strategic objectives. If you want to find out more about the Group50’s Organizational Development Practice, and our Human Resources Assessment call us at (513) 508-0351 and speak to Bruce Dougan, SPHR, Group50’s OD Practice Leador send or email us at


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