360 Evaluation Tool

Overview: Group50’s 360 evaluation tool provides participants a global view of their performance from any level in the organization with a focus on strategic execution. Our review process utilizes 60 – 80 proven statements and questions in multiple categories regarding individual and leadership performance for those employees who have direct reports or provide direction to others in the organization. Our tool covers the following categories:

  • Knowledge/Strategic
  • Character
  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership/Innovation
  • Execution
  • Building Talent
  • Innovation/Change
  • Culture

The statements used in our surveys have been found to yield the best results because of years of experience and thousands of surveys. Our process is customizable by the client to provide short answer questions and to add additional questions to the survey that are focused on other areas of interest.

Pictures of reports for Group50's 360 degree toolsThe process is fully automated and cloud based:

  • Sending out rating requests
  • Tracking responses
  • Deadlines for responses
  • Report generation
  • Unlimited number of raters chosen by participant or by company
  • System provides complete anonymity
  • The higher the number of raters the anonymity is higher as well as relevance


Generates Individual Reports on Feedback by Manager, by Peer, by Direct Reports

  • Two Factor Leadership Profile
  • Category Breakdown
  • Written Comments
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Manager’s blind spots
  • Biggest Increases and decrease reports
  • Gap Analysis for year over year views

The 360 tool provides a complete view of an employee’s capabilities in every direction inside the organization. Our tool focuses most of its questions and results on strategic execution and leadership capabilities.

For more information or scheduling, contact: Group50® Consulting Los Angeles, CA (909) 949-9083 info@group50.com or request more information here.

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