Launching Strategic Initiatives Workshop

Workshop Overview
Launching a strategic initiative, implementing a new system or making any change requires not only addressing the underlying process issues but also planning effectively and engaging the key stakeholders in a focused and sustainable manner. This strategic initiatives workshop will develop a roadmap and structure the implementation of the initiative leveraging the most robust change management and engagement methodologies available.


  • Plan and as necessary jump-start the initiative by creating a detailed and focused roadmap, energizing and engaging the team and commencing the change journey on robust tracks
  • Educate and train teams to think critically, “outside-in”, put customer first and methodically overcome structural paradigms

Length of Workshop
Multiple days depending on the complexity of the change initiative

Who Should Attend
Organizational leaders that feel the urgent and/or important need for change but have not been able to:

  • engage the team in a successful actionable course of actions
  • accelerate change upon take-off, and/or
  • sustain the desired change

Participants Should Include

  • Program Sponsor (Senior Leader)
  • KPO/PMO officer and direct reports and those responsible for the activity (cross functional)
  • Organizational Change Agents or those preparing to re-engineer business processes

Expected Learning

  • Create the Team Charter, Stakeholders Analysis, Multi-Generation Plan, Communication Plan
  • Prioritize the business needs (benchmarks, big Y) that justify/urge to implement change
  • Identify key motivational issues impeding change
  • Prioritize processes that matter to these business needs (These processes may relate to eliminating waste, reducing response time and simplifying process or product design.)
  • Setting performance objectives, KPI
  • Review of goals and objectives and set training requirements
  • Shape a vision that is clear, legitimate, widely understood and shared
  • Leading and managing the change initiative

Participants in the Launching Strategic Initiatives workshop will be able to report to senior management how they will drive change in actionable, measurable and cost effective terms while identifying issues in their current organization that are impeding successful strategic change and sustainable performance.

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