Creating a Most Important Goal (MIG) Workshop

Workshop Overview
Most companies struggle with getting alignment and agreement with all stakeholders on what is most important to the company. This workshop is focused on working with senior leaders to create the Most Important Goal (MIG) for their company, its’ appropriate measure(s) and aligning their current strategic plans to it. A MIG is a core requirement of the company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs®. One Most Important Goal is easily communicated and sends a clear message to everyone what their primary focus should be. Depending on the need of the client, this workshop can be extended to creating and aligning Most Important Goals with Customers and Vendors. This is recommended so that marketing, sales and purchasing can better align their activities to the MIGs of vendors and customers.

This facilitated workshop is designed to create a measurable MIG that clearly articulates the expected outcome of the company’s vision and strategic plan and assures that all strategies and tactics are supportive of that.  

  • Identify the Most Important Goal for the company that clearly defines the expected outcome of the company’s strategic vision
  • Create a measurement for the company’s MIG
  • Acquire agreement between all executives that they are accountable to the MIG

Length of Workshop

  • Two 4-hour workshops done in-person or virtually for the company’s MIG
  • Additional workshop sessions will be required if the client wants to develop and align MIG’s with customers and vendors.

Workshop Size
Up to 15 participants

Who Should Attend

  • Owners, Board members, CEO, and his or her direct reports and other key stakeholders who are responsible for the company’s long-term objectives. Other key influencers as required.
  • Developing MIGs for customers and vendors will utilize appropriate account representatives from both the company and the customer or vendor


  • Review of current strategic plan
  • Pre-work by senior leadership team
  • Introduction to the Most Important Goal (MIG)
  • Meeting to identify MIG and discuss its impact to the current strategy(ies)
  • Finalize MIG statement and create roll out plan

Expected Outcome

  • Agreement to the need for a MIG
  • Definition of MIG
  • Coordination of current strategies to MIG
  • Identification of changes to current strategy statements if required
  • Roll-out plan

Companies with a Most Important Goal find it easier to communicate the direction of their vision to all stakeholders in the organization. As a goal, it also has a measurable outcome that can be used as a scorecard for progress. Stakeholders find it easier to use a MIG as their north star than a vision statement. It also encourages stakeholders to be sure that what they are doing will move the company closer to accomplishing their objectives, and for those that extend it to vendors and customers, they will find it easier to create programs and strategies that are better aligned. This workshop is a critical step in support of completing Level 1 of The Business Hierarchy of Needs® and creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™”.

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To read more about how this workshop fits in developing a “Culture of Strategy Execution” you can order the book here.


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