Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic planning is the most critical step in providing all stakeholders with a clear view of the 3-5 year objectives of the company. 90% of strategic plans aren’t effectively implemented per John Kaplan of Harvard. In this workshop, senior leaders will be guided through a multi-session process for identifying their Most Important Goal (MIG), developing a strategic plan, communications program and implementation tactics in line with their unique Business Hierarchy of Needs®.


  • Define the strategic imperatives of the company utilizing a 3–5-year planning horizon
  • Create a Most Important Goal (MIG)
  • Identify key points of differentiation to customers and competitors
  • Develop the strategies for the key functional organizations and their top-level goals on a yearly basis
  • Fully engaging the organization in the strategic planning and development process
  • Cascade performance objectives throughout the organization
  • Create a communications program for the organization
  • Identify operating gaps and strategic gaps that will hinder strategic success
  • Develop an implementation plan that is focused on engaging the entire organization in accomplishing the strategic objectives
  • Develop a performance management system to monitor performance to strategic objectives

Length of Workshop
3 to 6 weeks elapsed time with 4-6 facilitated sessions

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leaders who are responsible for defining the strategic objectives of the company or organization
  • Key stakeholders and influencers who will be the champions of implementation over the planning horizon
  • Other members of the organization who will participate in data gathering and analysis


Expected Learning/Outcome

  • A sustainable Strategic Execution process
  • Correlation of strategy to Vision, Mission, Values, Leadership Traits, Most Important Goal and performance objectives
  • Identifying customer needs that will differentiate the company in the marketplace
  • Defining strategies that will differentiate the company from its competitors
  • Application of Group50’s “Where To Play” and “How To Win” strategic planning approach
  • Methods for effective implementation, employee engagement and accountability

At the end of the strategic planning workshop, the company’s senior leadership team will have developed a strategic plan on a 3–5-year planning horizon and will have detailed the required implementation activities to effectively realize its strategic objectives. They will also have developed sustainability techniques and dynamic performance management techniques that will lead to a “Culture of Strategic Execution™”.

This workshop supports Level 1 of The Business Hierarchy of Needs® and is the first step in creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™”.

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To read more about how this workshop fits in developing a “Culture of Strategy Execution” you can order our CEO’s book here.

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