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Strategic Planning Consultants

90% of companies are poor at executing their strategic plans and every senior leadership team we meet wants to be more effective at strategic execution. Group50’s Strategic Planning Consultants are experienced strategic planning and execution professionals. They are especially good at strategies for manufacturing and distribution companies and complex global supply chains. They will work with a senior leadership team to develop a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus for all stakeholders (customers, employees, contract workers and vendors).

When we complete the development of a strategic plan and roll it out, every stakeholder will understand their role in its implementation and their accountability metrics. We insure that “Anti-Strategy” doesn’t exist in a company.

Strategic Planning Consultants

Our Strategic Planning Consultants are experienced in the development and implementation of business strategies as a result of their real world experience in corporate America. Most of our consultants have over 25 years of senior operating experience. They come from many industries and functional backgrounds. Group50 has developed a proven strategic planning process that utilizes the “Where to Play” and “How To Win” methodologies that are broadly used in corporate America. The development of a strategic plan for the first time or its yearly reiteration needs to follow a consistent process such as the one shown below.

Strategic Planning Consultants

As you can see, our holistic methodology encourages senior leadership teams to look at their strategic needs as well as the strategic and operating gaps in their business processes and organization.  We focus on leveraging the intersection of people, process and technology for your next wave of productivity.

Strategic Execution Consultants

We use a team based strategic planning process that builds the strategic plan over a period of time and requires participation by all of a business’s stakeholders. Every functional area will be required to participate and to research the needs of their function to support the company’s strategic plan. This approach builds cohesion and consensus around the plan which allows the team to begin the implementation of the strategic roadmap.  Most of our clients have us work side by side with the members of their organization during the implementation.  This allows us to transfer vital tools and skills to the client which allows them to continue their strategic journey after we have left.  

We facilitate the development of strategies, strategic roadmaps and implementation through the assessments and workshops that are part of our process:

Our Strategic Planning Consultants have done strategic planning projects with many companies and not-for-profit organizations. We recognize that every organization will have different needs and we have the flexibility to work with a senior leadership team through the whole process or focus on one area where execution is suspect. We use a variety of in-person, off-line and on-line methods throughout this process and utilize a cloud based tool for monitoring strategic execution.

Group50 Strategic Planning Consultants have written numerous articles about Strategic Planning and Execution which you can browse through here.

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