We have spoken to many senior leaders who are frustrated with their product development processes and who believe that despite their best efforts, most products move forward because of “gut feel” rather than a detailed and consistent market assessment. Developing solid rationale and requiring a business case that includes an appropriate market assessment should be a requirement for advancing a new product or service concept to market. The business case, and its market assessment section, Continue reading MARKET ASSESSMENT FOR NEW PRODUCTS – THE 10 KEY QUESTIONS APPROACH

    Does Your Business Have a Robust Social Networking Strategy?

    Every leadership team should be asking questions about their social networking strategy. They wonder how Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, CRM, Sales Force, Customer Portals, Websites, Blogs and other platforms can be utilized for business development purposes. We have been developing those thoughts at Group50 for the last 14+ years.  We have spoken with hundreds of companies, and have found a wide disparity between their efforts and the type of business they are in. Although not a formal study, our general findings are as follows: Continue reading Does Your Business Have a Robust Social Networking Strategy?

    Why Hire a Strategic Planning Consultant? – Effective Strategic Execution

    Successful enterprises across the globe have leveraged on the vast experience, in-depth knowledge and understanding of a strategic planning consultant that is capable of working with senior leadership on strategic execution: been there, done that.  This effort is a cornerstone of gaining competitive advantage and thriving in highly competitive marketplaces. An effective strategic execution program facilitated by an experience strategic planning consultant helps Continue reading Why Hire a Strategic Planning Consultant? – Effective Strategic Execution

    Preparing for an Economic Downturn

    Preparing for a DownturnIn an article I wrote about writing your company’s chapter on 2016, I asked if your view was optimistic or pessimistic. The first couple of weeks of 2016 should have reigned in all of the optimists, unless you are one of the lucky few who have a business that is absolutely bullet proof, or you have completely forgotten what an economic downturn is like.It is already here. All of the companies and countries whose fortunes are tied to oil have cut back their capital spending by as much as 80%. In the United States alone, that amounts to over $90 billion in reduced spending in 2015 and the worst isn’t over. Middle Eastern companies have reduced their spending by similar amounts. Not included in that is Continue reading Preparing for an Economic Downturn

    Weekend Thought: New Product Introduction

    New Product LaunchI was recently working with a division of a $1B company who was having problems with the introduction of a highly engineered product in a foreign country. They were struggling with manufacturing a complex component in a new product that was introducing a disruptive technology.

    They recognized that this new product introduction was complex and that successfully introducing this product was the basis for their Market Effectiveness. They knew that that new product introduction programs typically generate their highest sales and profit margins in the fist 12 months after implementation. Disruptive product programs that are poorly implemented Continue reading Weekend Thought: New Product Introduction

    Case Study: Use of Cascade for a Startup

    SoftNAS, an innovative Texas-based startup , prides itself as being the number one provider of network attached cloud storage. As at most startups, resources (be they people or financial) are never more precious than in the first few years of a company’s existence. SoftNAS therefore identified that without a high degree of focus, their ambitious growth plans were unlikely to be realised.

    “We knew that keeping everyone on the same page as we grew the company was critical. Cascade was the perfect solution for this, and the flexible monthly pricing made it an easy choice.”

    Case Study – Use of Cascade in Emerging Markets

    Cascade in emerging markets: Greg’s Motor Spares had plans to grow in network of outlets in Namibia at an exponential rate. They knew that they were equipped with the right business model and people to execute their strategy. However devising the most effective solution and engaging their people behind that strategy was proving to be a challenge. Before even launching the system, the management team were able to use Cascade’s strategy framework to develop our detailed growth strategies..

    “We knew what we needed to do, and Cascade provided the right framework for execution. We were impressed by how much Cascade helped us to clarify our strategy.”

    Confessions of a Customer Complaint Manager


    Business Process Consulting ServicesAre Customers happy with the way you handle their complaints? Are you?

    We all know that complaints handled well can open a portal to new opportunities. Back in 2008, customers were telling the company I worked for that we were not so good at handling customer complaints. None of us were surprised… we were frustrated ourselves with our mish-mash of process and tools and the impact of the poor quality Continue reading Confessions of a Customer Complaint Manager

    Continuous Improvement and Its Impact on Market Effectiveness

    Many have long considered Continuous Improvement activities mostly relevant to manufacturing and related operational functions.

    However, continuing competitiveness and growth in market share is built upon a steady, progressive march forward in all areas of a business. And since a company’s Market Effectiveness activities and functions (shown below) are the most market-oriented and customer-intimate parts of a business, effective Continuous Improvement efforts are Continue reading Continuous Improvement and Its Impact on Market Effectiveness

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