What is Fractional Marketing – A Way to Accelerate Your Market Effectiveness

What is Fractional Marketing – A Way to Accelerate Your Market Effectiveness

By: Alfredo Romero   |     June 2, 2020

Every business owner wonders what more their company can do in marketing and sales. This is the reason why they have sales meetings, create action plans and track what the competition is doing. There is always an opportunity to improve, to move forward, to get more customers and to grow sales. In today’s environment, companies are faced with a perfect opportunity to take market share and improve market effectiveness. When sales decrease or visitors decline, the organization turns to the marketing and sales departments for answers. But, who do they turn to for additional help? Meet the Fractional Marketing professional. With the constant changes in technology, intensified competition, and increasingly more sophisticated consumers, having a fractional marketing expert on board to help innovate and transform market facing activities makes great sense. A fractional marketing expert will be able to help plan the next 90 days and manage your way through 2020 so that the company comes out on top in 2021..

Many small and medium sized companies don’t have the resources to hire a full marketing department or a Chief Marketing Officer. Still, even small businesses have the same needs as larger ones:

  • Sales growth
  • Profitability
  • Product Introductions
  • Bring in new customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand management

It may not be a daily or year-long focus because there are so many other activities needed to make a business function. When you are looking for these, however, you may only need it for a short term or “fraction” of the year.

A Fractional Marketing professional has experience in every aspect of Market Effectiveness and can quickly identify and address your needs. By conducting an audit of your organization’s market-facing activities, they will work with you to create an effective strategy that gets you from ideation to sale faster and with immediate results. A seasoned fractional marketing executive will bring best practices to your business because of their exposure to many different industries.

Some of the things that Group50 Fractional Marketing professionals have accomplished include:

  • Created an effective holiday sales plan increasing sales and reducing product returns
  • Significantly improved online ratings and reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and Amazon
  • Implemented a full sales dashboard reporting on sales trends, profitability, and sales group performance
  • Reduced SKU count, improved profitability and streamlined inventory
  • Redesigned distributor pricing model to improve profitability
  • Created product roadmaps
  • Managed product and service portfolios

But can’t I do all this by myself? Of course, you know your industry and your customers better than anyone. The challenge is that it is not easy to dedicate the time and resources to conduct a marketing audit when you have customer issues, annual reviews, quarterly reports, vendors, ads, and a myriad of other matters demanding your attention – not to mention the COVID distraction. If you are a small business owner whose role as a Marketing Director is only part of your job, you also have to worry about payroll, inventory, operations and more.

Having a Fractional Marketing professional work with your organization also provides benefits that go beyond the time of engagement with the project. After the project is completed, there will be processes, documentation and measurements in place that will help your marketing projects succeed in the future. Plus, once they’ve added value to your business, you can count on them to come back again for future needs.

Find out what a Fractional Marketing professional can do for you and how they can put together a Market Effectiveness plan to solve your needs. Give us a call at (909) 949-9083, email us to discuss your options or to schedule a time to speak. you can also request more information here.


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