Healthcare Performance Improvement – What’s the Target?

Healthcare Performance Improvement – What’s the Target?

By: Vincent Polito   |     January 15, 2018

Healthcare performance improvement and healthcare performance management are intertwined and require a holistic approach to setting the right targets and accountabilities.  The complexity of all the things healthcare teams need to be good at makes this a daunting task when going it alone. Hospitals need to excel in these primary areas:

  • Five Star Patient Experience
  • Reduce Denials/Increased Collections
  • Reliable Resource Production
  • Optimal Patient Access
  • Brilliant Clinical Outcomes
  • Superior Resource Utilization
  • Short Wait Times
  • Focused Patient Safety
  • Excellent Process Quality
  • Controlled Operating Expenses
  • Maximum Revenue Generation

Unfortunately, when it comes to healthcare performance improvement and healthcare performance management, every one of these elements is important and they all need to be targets and have KPI’s set for them. Each one is a vital part of overall healthcare performance improvement and healthcare performance management. Each one is a result of process improvement and process change. Being good at some of these targets is not enough. Healthcare performance improvement means each and everyone one understands their role in supporting each one of these targets and has a plan for achieving their objectives. Hospital teams need to work diligently with their organizational development resources to insure that the right healthcare performance management systems are in place at all levels of the organization: systems similar to those offered in the Organizational Development Practice at Group50.

Over to $2 trillion is spent annually in hospitals. Costs continue to rise and reimbursements are being reduced at the same time. The impact of the healthcare reform legislation is still not clear but if anything, it will stimulate more hospital visits not less. The “baby boomer” demand is only now hitting the demand curves and it is expected to continue through 2025 and beyond. Process improvement in healthcare is and will increasingly become more and more vital in the foreseeable future.

Group50 Healthcare is positioned to provide the kind of healthcare performance improvement solutions that healthcare will need now and in the future.  Our methodologies are scalable and sustainable.  We work at the intersection of people, process and technology insuring that the right KPI’s are set, that there is clear accountability throughout the organization and that processes are optimized to the target requirements.


To find out more about how a Group50 healthcare consultant can help your healthcare system significantly increase productivity and asset management, call us at (909) 949-9083, drop us a line at or request more information here.   


About the Author:  Vincent Polito is Group50’s Healthcare Practice leader with over thirty years of healthcare consulting experience as an executive and healthcare consultant in the design and delivery of Lean, Lean Transformation and Operational Excellence in the Healthcare, Medical Device, Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace, Textile and Oil and Gas industries.  He has held senior management roles in operations, materials, quality, and business development.

Vinnie pioneered Lean techniques in Healthcare. At the forefront of Lean in Healthcare since 2003 he has provided guidance to over 100 hospitals, physician/specialty practices, insurance health plans and home health systems in North America. He has a grasp and appreciates of the mission and complexity of Healthcare. He translates Lean principles and techniques into effective delivery strategies and execution specifically meeting the critical needs and culture of Healthcare. Some his more notable Healthcare clients include, Thedacare, Denver Health, Beth Israel Deaconess, Barnes Jewish, New York Health and Hospitals, and Priority Health. His Lean support of Healthcare has included initiatives for non-clinical organizations including the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and National Quality Forum (NQF).

Vinnie has led and executed Lean transformation in a diverse range of industries such with a client list of Fortune 500 organizations including Boeing, Alcoa, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell-Collins, Duracell, Owens-Corning, Sandia Labs and Hanes Brands. #group50, #healthcareconsulting, #healthcare consulting firm, #healthcare, healthcare consultant, #group50healthcare

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