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Healthcare Consulting


“Simple Solutions for Complex Problems in Today’s Healthcare Systems”

Healthcare companies are faced with a myriad of operational issues that are a result of accelerating changes in regulation, competition, customer behavior and complexity.  Group50 Healthcare works with healthcare service providers to significantly reduce the cost of doing business, increase the value of services provided and improve patient satisfaction. Our goal is to identify and solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges allowing our clients to be leaders in their markets:

  • Optimal operational and financial performance
  • Maximized patient outcomes

We do this by focusing on people, process and technology.

Every healthcare provider has a goal of significantly increasing operational efficiencies and reducing cost while improving patient outcomes.  We focus on understanding the operational value stream in every workflow and making improvement recommendations that leverage the best practices we have identified through our consulting efforts in over 100 healthcare providers in operational areas such as:

  1. Admissions and Discharge
    • Being prepared for a patient admission and discharge is critical to patient satisfaction and asset utilization. We work closely with clinical teams to identify the operational bottlenecks that increase wait times and reduce throughput.
  2. OR and Patient Room Turn
    • We have developed throughput models and improvement methodologies that provide operations teams to understand how they can significantly increase turnaround time for critical clinical resources.
  3. Asset Management
    • Our technology based asset tracking and management systems provide our clients with the ability to increase asset utilization throughout the hospital by providing real time mapping of location.  Our analytics engine provides a complete history of utilization which can increase asset utilization by 10-25% significantly reducing CapEx and improving patient throughput.
  4. After Discharge Care and Monitoring
    • Group50 works with healthcare providers and technology platforms to enable providers to more effectively manage the critical 30 days after discharge.
  5. Workforce Solutions
    • We work with clients to create methods and analytical tools/systems for capturing critical data and identifying operational improvement opportunities which reduce hospital labor spend, increase patient engagement and increase productivity levels.

We bring cross functional teams into every project that understand work flow, technology, process, continuous improvement and process reengineering. Of utmost importance to our teams of subject matter experts is collaboration with the healthcare staff and technology providers. We utilize project proven assessments to identify strategic and operating gaps and client workshops to develop implementation roadmap(s) that move critical workflows from the current state to the future state.

In every engagement, the future state is of utmost importance, because it must be lower cost, scalable and sustainable. Accomplishing those things requires innovation, process engineering, leveraging Healthcare IT and change management. That is why we created our Internet of Everything ( IoE ) assessment for healthcare systems which provides an inventory of best practices and technologies creating the vision of what is possible.

Check out some examples of the results our clients have realized in the healthcare section of Group50’s project overviews.

Talk to a Group50 healthcare professional about how to significantly lower the cost of healthcare operations by calling (909) 949-9083, sending an email to or requesting more information here. 

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