Continuous Improvement Effectiveness

Continuous Improvement Effectiveness

By: Jim Gitney   |     July 3, 2015

Continuous Process Improvement ServicesMany have long considered Continuous Improvement activities almost exclusively relevant to manufacturing and related operational functions within a business—Google Continuous Improvement (“CI”) and you’ll see this.

However, continuing competitiveness and growth in market share is built upon a steady, progressive march forward in all areas of a business. And since a company’s Market Effectiveness activities and functions (portrayed below) need to be the most market-oriented and customer-intimate parts of a business, effective Continuous Improvement efforts are at least as important in Market Effectiveness as anywhere else. Continuous Improvement Effectiveness The four broad priorities of Market Effectiveness organizations in providing such services are:

  • Take great care of customers
  • Ensure that the overall company has the understanding to serve customers excellently
  • Provide great products/services and be an effective innovator
  • Champion the company’s brand(s) and other related assets and intellectual property.

Market Effectiveness functions and activities should be managed like a captive service organization within the business. An earlier Group50 Consulting article explored the role of Continuous Improvement in services businesses, providing a related framework relevant to Market Effectiveness organizations. The table below, which is not exhaustive, overviews some of the most common CI opportunities within related business activities. Continuous Improvement Consultants Do any of the issues in the table above look familiar? Is your company growing profitably as well as you’d like or need it to? It may be time for you to take fresh look at your Market Effectiveness functions and processes.

A Market Effectiveness Assessment may be a great place to start, followed by Continuous Improvement Assessment to look at the effectiveness of your company wide programs and processes. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring improvement opportunities in Market Effectiveness simply because they might feel “less tangible” than those in manufacturing or logistics areas of the business.

Customers feel the effects of flawed processes that make your company difficult to do business with, costing you business. As well, they’ll reward you for effective practices and know-how that make you a valued supplier who earns more of their business.

Contact Group50 process improvement consulting firm to learn how we can help. We offer a variety of tools and workshops, including Group50’s Company Physical® and Strategic Planning Workshop, to ensure your company’s methods and processes serve your customers and markets effectively, enabling your strategy.


About the author:
Steve Sharp is a senior consultant with Group50 ® Consulting and heads its Market Effectiveness™ practice. Steve and the Group50 continuous improvement consultants are all former executives with market-leading manufacturing and distribution companies, professional managers who know how to install and sustain best management practices.

Group50 has designed a series of assessments, workshops and other tools that enhance Strategic Execution and business performance. Call us at (909) 949-9083 or email us at

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