Using the Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs ™ to Plan Next Steps

Using the Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs ™ to Plan Next Steps

By: Jim Gitney   |     August 11, 2022

The economy is troubling everyone again.  It is unclear how deep the recession is going to be, but it is obvious that demand is declining and many of our clients are continuing to see supply chain issues. I expect to see another lead and lag between demand and supply over the next 8-12 months, so here we go again.

You and your team are probably trying to figure out how to balance supply, demand, and cost through the balance of 2022 and on into 2023.  To help with that, we have developed a Lean Supply Chain Management framework called the Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs™ as a resource to guide you through your thinking.

Supply Chain Hieararchy of Needs


When coupled with our supply chain playbook, the supply chain strategic planner has a full sutie of tools to effectively develop a lean supply chain strategy and execute it.

Additional food for thought is available on the following two articles:

  1. Cost Takeout as a Strategy
  2. 8 Things You Need for Recession Planning – Making the Right Choices Now

I hope some of these resources help in your strategic thinking for the balance of this year and next. Of course, if Group50® can be of any help, please feel free to give me a call to discuss.

About the Author:  Jim Gitney, CEO and Founder, started Group50® Consulting in 2004 with the focus of working with companies to significantly improve their performance by leveraging peopleprocess and technology as part of developing a company’s strategic plan.  He is considered a strategy, operations and supply chain subject matter expert and has managed multi-billion-dollar supply chains and worked with hundreds of companies developing their lean supply chain strategies.  In 2013, he created Group50’s Business Hierarchy of Needs® change management framework, a fundamental strategic planning and strategic execution guide to senior leadership teams. The Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs™ is a natural extension as a lean supply chain framework.

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