Post Merger Integration ( PMI ) Playbook

Post Merger Integration ( PMI ) Playbook

By: Jim Gitney   |     July 14, 2020

It is reported that 70-90% of mergers & integrations don’t deliver the value that justified the acquisition. There are many reasons, but the primary ones that tank ROI are a lack of focus related to Strategy, Culture, Project Management, Customers and Sales. Post merger integration failures typically fall into what we call the 5th stage of M&A: Alignment and Optimization which completes the integration.   In order to help companies understand the depth of this challenge, Group50 has developed a post merger integration ( PMI ) playbook that covers the following categories:

  1. Strategy
  2. Legal
  3. Value Creation
  4. Technology
  5. Operations
  6. Marketing/Sales
  7. Organization, Culture and Change Management

In our playbook, there are 32 initiatives and 132 tasks which provide laser focus on the challenge of post merger integration.

Go to post merger integration playbook

Group50 consultants have led or participated in 30+ integrations during their corporate and consulting careers with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50. As seasoned PMI subject matter experts, we can help a company prioritize their activities and keep laser focused on creating value through full integration.

Our blog contains articles we have written about our mergers and acquisition experience and also visit the following Group50 web page:

Mergers & Acquisitions Practice

You can see a list of our playbooks here.

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