Paul Bohr

Paul Bohr

By: Admin   |     October 4, 2016

is a Supply Chain Transformation Architect and has over 35 years of experience delivering performance improvement and transformation to leading companies in automotive, government, aerospace, chemical, consulting, communications, medical and service industries.  Paul has extensive experience working domestically and internationally as an executive leader, coach, and consultant with many leading organizations.  Very effective in energizing and leading diverse teams of professionals in highly competitive industries and fast-paced environments. Strong business, technical, and performance improvement qualifications utilizing Product Engineering, Service, Governance of Performance, Lean Six Sigma, SCOR, ERP, SI&OP, Change Management, and Project Management best practices. Paul is a Master Blackbelt who has worked for many well known companies in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and the industrial complex.  He is well versed in Mergers and Acquisitions, restructuring and process redesign.

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