The Internet of Things – IoT : Making sense of Its Components

The Internet of Things – IoT : Making sense of Its Components

By: David O'Connor   |     May 17, 2019

The phrase “Internet of Things (IoT)” or “Internet of Everything (IoE)” and its application to manufacturing and distribution does not bring to mind a concrete set of images or business approach to most senior executives.  In fact, the opposite is true, with concepts ranging from the vaguely amorphous to those that are downright nonexistent. The primary question in executive minds is how IoT can be utilized to transform my business from the perspective of cost, quality and customer service.

To bring some clarity to this question, think about a Fishbone diagram, commonly used for problem solving or situational analysis.  Break down the “IOT” into various and realizable components:

Subsequently each of these spines can be further defined as in the following examples:

  1. People: skill, training, education, aptitude, experience, feedback
  2. Product: design, manufacturability, cost, quality
  3. Environment: hardware and software, control methods, design for producibility, temperature, humidity
  4. Management: ERP, policy, scope of control, vision, planning
  5. Vendors: Process, locationing, quality data, traceability, provenance
  6. Methods: Validation of process
  7. Measurement and control: inspection, process monitoring
  8. Equipment:  automation, self-monitoring, TPM, CAM, superstructure for communication – RFID, Wi-Fi, connectivity
  9. Materials:  direct, indirect, support

The Internet of Things allows a company and its supply chain to collect and analyze all relative process measurements that are required for validation of the value add to products during its lifecycle from raw materials to finished goods.  Looking at each of these elements and their sub-elements can give the executive team a framework of understanding based on the issues and opportunities that are present every day. When properly applied, this information also gives customers a higher level of confidence in the quality of the product they purchase.

Keeping these “spines” and the elements of each in mind will help allow you to understand and assimilate the accelerating change that occurs in each and provides an overall view at every step in the value chain.

Group50 is uniquely positioned to assist you and your team with a full suite of skills and experience. You can read more about Group50’s IoT capabilities on the following links:

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If you would like to optimize your core processes, improve quality of service and reduce costs using the Internet of Everything, please join us in this discussion.  Group50® consultants can work with you to craft a solution and engage the right technology partners for the components and implementation.

Please send us an email at  You may also contact the head of our Digital Technology Practice, Shirish Néné at or call him at 703-201-3936.  You can also talk to Jim Gitney, CEO, head of Group50’s Manufacturing and Distribution practice and advisory board member for thinaer, an IoE platform by calling (909) 949-9083, mailing, or requesting more information here.


About the Author:  David O’Connor is a Senior Consultant and Manufacturing Lead for Group50, a manufacturing and distribution consulting firm that specializes in business process improvement and strategic execution at every level of a business.  Group50 focuses on leveraging the intersection of people, process and technology and optimizing the performance of critical business processes. Group50 consultants are operating professionals who have managed key business processes in every functional area.  They understand how complex it is to successfully implement strategic change, implement change management programs, redesign business

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