Implementing Strategy in a Post Pandemic Environment

Implementing Strategy in a Post Pandemic Environment

By: Admin   |     March 4, 2023

I had the honor of presenting to the IERG (International Executive Resource Group) my take on implementing strategy in a post pandemic environment. Productivity in the US is down significantly over the last two years for many reasons. During this interactive presentation with the attendees, I discuss how to apply the Business Hierarchy of Needs® to fully engage all stakeholders, including the remote workforce, in the development and implementation of business strategy. Numbers put together by GALLUP for my book “Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs®”, suggest that companies who follow this model can realize significant improvements in productivity, absenteeism, turnover and productivity.

Here is the synopsis from IERG:

Pre-Pandemic studies indicate that 80% of strategies don’t achieve their intended value and 60% of CEOs say their company doesn’t do a good job of implementing strategy. In the post-pandemic business environment, with a larger percentage of stakeholders working from home, implementing strategy is a bigger challenge because the needs of a business, its stakeholders, and operational teams have changed. Jim Gitney, CEO of Group50® Consulting and author of “Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs®“ will share his thoughts on how leadership can be more effective at developing and implementing strategy by addressing the needs of today’s post-pandemic workforce and leveraging their capabilities.

You can find out more by listening to the presentation on the following link: 


About the Author: Jim Gitney is the CEO of Group50® Consulting and the author of “Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs®” that can be purchased on Amazon here. Jim has 45 years of experience in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50. 



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