Operations Management – Leading to Greatness – Book 1, Process and Control by

Operations Management – Leading to Greatness – Book 1, Process and Control by

By: Admin   |     October 13, 2015

Operations Management covers a broad spectrum of effort dealing with the design, production and distribution of an organization’s goods or services. In Book 1, the basics of Operations Management as a separate and distinct function will be reviewed. The following critical areas of discipline within Operations Management will be described and reviewed: Business systems and product design. This section answers the questions of how to most efficiently get goods or services to market. The focus is on efficiency, lowest possible costs, highest possible quality. The book then changes focus to Quality. In the quality, building quality into the operation’s processes through the entire process. Supply-chain is the next area of focus. Managing the production process from its beginning to the end, determining whether the organization should produce the good itself or buy from an outside supplier will be reviewed and discussed. Operations Management, Leading to Greatness includes many up to date case studies to review the real life challenges faced by operational people in business today. The book also draws on history to paint its picture of how to run a world class operation.

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