Stopping Short Of Excellence

    Stopping Short Of Excellence

    The majority of organizations fail to consistently implement their strategic objectives. As a result, they are “Stopping Short Of Excellence®“.
    There are three primary reasons for this:

    • A lack of a vision
    • Clearly articulated strategies
    • Engaged and accountable employees. In the short presentation below, !–more–>Jim Gitney, the CEO of Group50 provides more insight to these issues and reviews how organizations can create an effective strategic implementation process.

    Any size company or non-profit is capable of achieving excellence with a little bit of guidance and a few basic approaches.

    We can present this material to your senior leadership team, provide a one day workshop on creating a roadmap for your company to consistently achieve your objectives or do an audit of your current strategic implementation process.
    If you would like to find out more about Group50’s process for consistently achieving your strategic objectives go here or contact us at (909) 949-9083.

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