Group50® Consulting announces Scioebc™ the first Blockchain product powered by THINaër, the end-to-end platform for the Internet of Things

    Group50® Consulting announces Scioebc™ the first Blockchain product powered by THINaër, the end-to-end platform for the Internet of Things

    By Jim Gitney

    April 17, 2018

     Los Angeles, CA – Group50 announced today the launch of Scioebc, a next generation supply chain product  that utilizes the blockchain and is powered by THINaër, an IoT platform building The Internet of People, Places and ThingsSM.

     Jim Gitney, CEO of Group50 stated, “We are truly excited about the launch of Scioebc. Our strategic relationship with THINaër allowed us to leverage two emerging technologies moving us to the front of the pack in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain expertise. For the first time, companies can implement a non-proprietary system capable of acquiring the full provenance of a product from raw materials to the end user. Scioebc utilizes the Hyperledger for its blockchain and is integrated with THINaër providing the ability to tie together enterprise systems and any type of sensory data that is generated anywhere in the supply chain. This breakthrough, plug-n-play product allows us to begin creating standards in the industry for the adoption of blockchain as the next generation supply chain tool that is capable of documenting the chain of custody and provenance of a product across its entire life cycle.” 

     Bryan Merckling, CEO of THINaër stated, “By 2020 there will be over 31 billion connected IoT devices around the globe. Most of those devices will be generating data from the field, during transportation, in factories, warehouses and retail locations. The Group50 team is leveraging the THINaër technology platform to provide their customers with new and unique data never previously available. Scioebc demonstrates the power and flexibility of our platform and we are excited to be part of a groundbreaking solution. We’re really looking forward to seeing the impact of the joint solution in healthcare, manufacturing and more.”

    Participate in Group50’s Blockchain adoption research project here.

     About Group50®

     Group50® was founded in 2004 with a focus on leveraging the intersection of people, process and technology in manufacturing, distribution and the global supply chain. Group50 has optimized global supply chains for companies in over a dozen countries and with the addition of a technology platform can provide a complete next generation supply chain solution its clients. Consisting of consultants who spent their careers in industry, the Group50 team understands the challenges today’s business environment and how to develop and implement transformational business strategies and processes.

     About THINaër

    THINaër was founded in 2016 to provide the world with an easy and affordable way to track people, places and things. The THINaër IoT platform leverages Bluetooth technology to generate new and unique actionable data at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions. Led by industry experts in healthcare, manufacturing and technology, THINaër builds solutions that empower hospitals, manufacturers and enterprises to answer the most challenging questions never answered before. THINaër is the first ever end-to-end solution to provide immediate ROI without disrupting existing workflows or overhauling existing systems. To learn more about THINaër and The Internet of People, Places and ThingsSM, visit  


     To learn more about this revolutionary solution, please contact

     Jim Gitney

    CEO, Group50


    Phone:  909-949-9083 


     Katie Nunez

    Head of Marketing, THINaër


    Phone: (312) 522-1957 

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