Cost Take Out
  • Cost Take Out

    Our cost takeout methodologies force the review of every expenditure across the business, questions its necessity and create strategies and tactics to reduce or eliminate

  • Cost Reduction

    It isn’t uncommon for our cost reduction efforts to yield a 10x ROI to the business. Value Stream Mapping and other techniques are used to identify the wasted efforts that increase cost and reduce responsiveness

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategies are not static and your company’s strategy needs to be refocused on the unusual circumstances we are now facing and how to take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

  • Strategic Execution

    We work hand in hand with our clients to execute their strategies through proper planning and change management

  • Supply Chain

    We take complex supply chains and make them more robust, lower cost and resilient so that your company can be more responsive to your marketplace

  • Strategic Chain Restructuring

    We restructure supply chains by revisioning their footprint and the business processes that drive the supply chain

  • Restructuring

    Group50 has restructured dozens of companies and operations with a focus on optimizing the core business and preparing it to be more successful

  • Inventory Reduction

    Group50 has a set of inventory reduction strategies that are designed to free up working capital and significantly improve inventory turnover

  • Process Re-Engineering

    There are 7 business processes a company lives or dies by. Each one needs to be optimized at the intersection of people, process and technology

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