Parcel Shipment Cost Effectiveness Assessment

Group50® Consulting’s Parcel Shipment Cost Effectiveness Assessment is a companywide diagnostic that will determine the cost implications of the new parcel shipment rules recently announced by FedEx and UPS that will be effective by year end. The Assessment will provide a view of the increase in costs by dimensional pricing factors (changes from weight based pricing to cube based pricing) and provide a set of recommendations and a plan on how to mitigate those cost changes.

Length of Assessment:
Two weeks from fulfillment of data request to delivery of recommendations

Assessment Process:
Consists of 4 steps that are done both on-site and offsite.

  • Data request for 3 months of parcel shipment information
  • Modeling of shipment data to new costing rules
  • Identification of dimensional factors to focus on
  • Audit of business processes and packaging programs

Expected Results:
We will provide a Parcel Shipment Cost Effectiveness Report which will clearly identify the efforts required by the company to mitigate the cost implications of the announced pricing changes which are effective 1/1/2015. This report will summarize the cost differential by box size (cube) and service type, the business processes and methods that most significantly impact these cost changes and provide a set of recommendations on which distribution processes, packaging programs and product packaging need to be changed to minimize cost.

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