Healthcare – Are you Getting What You Expected from Your Real Time Location System – RTLS ?
  • Healthcare – Are you Getting What You Expected from Your Real Time Location System – RTLS ?


    There is not a shortage of reading materials applauding the application of Real Time Location System (RTLS) in healthcare. There is no question that RTLS has the potential for being an operational game changer in healthcare by: (more…)

  • Getting the Most Out of a Real Time Location System ( RTLS ) in Healthcare

    Real Time Location System (RTLS) has become the newest “must have” technology for healthcare organizations. Early versions of the technology were expensive and disruptive to install but those barriers are dropping away. The newest technology such as THiNaër’s is installed in minutes and costs a fraction (more…)

  • Healthcare Performance Improvement – What’s the Target?

    Healthcare performance improvement and healthcare performance management are intertwined and require a holistic approach to setting the right targets and accountabilities.  The complexity of all the things healthcare teams need to be good at makes this a daunting task when going it alone. Hospitals need to excel in these primary areas: (more…)

  • Asset Tracking in Healthcare Environments – Real Time Location System – RTLS

    Asset tracking in Healthcare is an important process because hospitals are large facilities and very complex organizations. Every hospital provides patient care by using a sizeable and diverse workforce, and that workforce uses a lot of equipment; most of it mobile. One of the most frustrating, (more…)

  • Lean Techniques Improves Performance in Home Healthcare – Case Study

    This case study describes how a healthcare consulting team of process improvement experts, utilizing Lean Techniques, were able to help a home healthcare provider improve annual profitability by $900K, reduce overtime by 50%, increase productivity by 10% and increase revenue by 3%. (more…)

  • Hospital Operating Room Turnover – 6 Steps

    Hospital Operating Room turnaround or changeover time is a vital measure of performance for a hospital. An idle operating room can cost a hospital over $4K per hour in revenue as well as reduced patient satisfaction.  Reducing the room turnaround or changeover time leads to reduced patient wait times, increased access, higher revenues, improved patient satisfaction and patient safety. Operating Room availability is an intricate balance (more…)

  • Performance Improvement in Obstetrics – Case Study

    This medium sized community healthcare system in the mid-west believes in setting the bar high when it comes to the quality of care it provides for its patients. The system consistently receives high quality marks and was ranked among (more…)

  • EMR – Operational Excellence


    The impact of both the 2009 ARRA-HITECH Act, HIPAA and the federal healthcare reform legislation is felt throughout the industry. Healthcare organizations are challenged by managing the cost providing quality care but recognize implementing EMR is a must have. Both are needed and implementation can be a drain (more…)

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