Confessions of a Customer Complaint Manager
  • Confessions of a Customer Complaint Manager


    Business Process Consulting ServicesAre Customers happy with the way you handle their complaints? Are you?

    We all know that complaints handled well can open a portal to new opportunities. Back in 2008, customers were telling the company I worked for that we were not so good at handling customer complaints. None of us were surprised… we were frustrated ourselves with our mish-mash of process and tools and the impact of the poor quality (more…)

  • “Anti-Strategy” and the Communication Conundrum – Part VIII

    In our Strategy Consultantsearlier posts on Anti-Strategy—situations where well-intentioned employees act against company interests—we’ve explored various cause and effects. Today we consider the impact of poor communications on Anti-Strategy. “Do we need better communication around here?” The answer to that question is: It depends. Have you over-heard this common question (or complaint) lately? “Better communication” is the politically-correct solution of choice when “slip-ups” occur. “No one told me about that…”. (more…)

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