Managing Your Way Through 2020 and Beyond – Part II
  • Managing Your Way Through 2020 and Beyond – Part II

    It has been a wild ride the last 6 months and most companies have completed the first of three phases:  Stabilize, Reconfigure, Recover. Strategic and tactical planning for the next 12-18 months will be critical for companies.  Senior leadership teams need to focus on the Reconfigure stage and define how they will redefine their business models in preparation for the Recover phase. In the video below, Jim Gitney, the CEO of Group50 Consulting, discusses the key (more…)

  • Make America Great Again? – Failure in the First Degree

    We have been fortunate in that none of our family or close associates and friends that we know have gotten sick from COVID-19. As we sit at home attempting to construct some level of normalcy, I struggle with the magnificent failure of a system that is incapable of meeting the needs of its citizens. A system that has prioritized economics over public health. While the government, in record time, is pumping trillions of dollars into the economy to stop financial Armageddon, it has failed to put (more…)

  • Recession Planning and Fine Tuning Your Business Plan – Webcast

    Group50 sponsored this webinar which focuses on Recession Planning and Fine Tuning a company’s business plan in turbulent times. Subject matter experts in Finance, Leadership and Operations discussed best practices and the Do’s and Don’ts they learned during their corporate and consulting careers and multiple economic cycles with hundreds of companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies such as GE, Black & Decker, Deloitte, Underwriters Laboratories and (more…)

  • Recession Planning Workshop

    We are in a recession as declared by multiple well known business and financial leaders in a recent Forbes article. I completely agree and believe that this will parallel the financial crisis of 2009. Given that this atypical recession is here with unprecedented speed, Group50 has put together a Recession Planning Workshop that is designed to provide senior leaders and stakeholders with a full view of the inherent recession risk in a company.  The workshop has an elapsed time of 1-2 (more…)

  • Connecting the Dots – What Thanksgiving and Strategy Have in Common

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  At Thanksgiving, we take the time to stand back and realize how many things we have to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving is about connecting those dots. (more…)

  • 8 Key Components of a Successful Strategic Planning and Strategic Execution Process

    Companies have many different processes for strategic planning and strategic execution.  These processes are designed to support the company’s culture and size. Irrespective of a company’s size, (more…)

  • Group50® Recaps 2018, Announces Addition of Lara Abrams to the Group50 Team

    February 11, 2019 – (Upland, CA) – Group50, a privately-held, full-service supply chain consultancy founded in 2004 is pleased to recap its 2018 results and announce the addition of Lara Abrams to its team of executives.  (more…)

  • Do Brands Really Matter?

    canstockphoto8749625In consumer businesses, the answer is “Absolutely!” But what about in business-to-business (“B2B”) categories? If you type into your favorite search engine, “Do B2B brands matter?” it will surface a number of research-backed articles that emphatically declare, “Yes!” The skeptic might challenge, however, “Sure, if I’m Intel or some other mega-budget giant in a high profile category.”


  • Why Is Management a Dirty Word?

    canstockphoto15793683What is all this hype about Management vs. Leadership? Everyday we are bombarded with information on the differences between them, the benefit of one over the other and the necessity to be great at both. Everyone wants to be known as the “great leader,” but does anyone want to be known as a great manager and what happens if you drop the management ball?


  • The Role of Marketing Automation in Process Improvement & Strategic Execution

    Ever sincFiresnape software-as-a-service (SaaS) entered the picture several years ago, huge leaps have been made in how businesses leverage technology. Not just from an IT perspective, but from an operational and strategic perspective as well. Along with this trend came the explosion of acronyms such as CRM, CMS, ERP, and others which are now common terms used among marketing, sales and IT departments worldwide.


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