Doing Business in Mexico vs. China: Strategic
  • Doing Business in Mexico vs. China: Strategic


    Well, things have shifted in the past weeks, haven’t they?  And even more so for Mexico and the topic at hand:  Trade and Investment Awareness. 

    It is no secret that for many years now Mexico has been heavily investing in boosting global awareness regarding welcoming investments to our country and it has definitely paid off.  In the past 2 years Mexico (more…)

  • The Pro-Business Mexican Government – Mexico as a Business Partner

    Intro:  Group50 and ProMexico have partnered together to bring to our readers more insight into the advantages of Mexico as a business partner.  The following article is the first in a series of articles on Mexico, written by Juan Carlos Briseño, ProMexico’s Los Angeles Trade Commissioner

    Mexico:  A country savoring the moment, the niche, the current global trends and the “attractiveness” of a country with the proper human power, operational costs, proximity, innovation and trade agreements.  Yet it is crucial to add formal, professional promotion, facilitation and guidance in order to capitalize on Mexico’s endless business opportunities.

    The good news for Mexico:  Its Federal Government has understood this.  (more…)


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