Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits Workshop

Workshop Overview
Most companies struggle with preparing and implementing their Vision, Mission and Values and Leadership Traits in a way that is meaningful and actionable by all stakeholders in a business (Shareholders, Customers, Vendors, employees, contractors, 3rd party suppliers, temporary workers). They are a core requirement of their Business Hierarchy of Needs®. Few companies provide any kind of guidance for their leaders on how they should lead, and many executives fail to understand why these are important. At the end of the 3 days of workshops over a multi-week period, participants will have completed the business case for and created the Vision, Mission, Values, and defined Leadership Traits for their company along with a roll out program.

This facilitated workshop provides the set of activities to create and finalize Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits for an organization or company:

  • Set-up effective Mission and Vision statements
  • Effectively create values and leadership traits for the company that are actionable and measurable with a focus on improving the performance of the company and its organization
  • Effectively communicate the company’s Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits to all employees
  • Create a sustainability plan

Length of Workshop
Developing New Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership Traits – Multiple one day workshops over a multi-week period

Refresh of existing Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership Traits – 1-2 days over a multi-week period depending on size of the organization and how much work has been done to date by the senior leadership team.

Workshop Size
Up to 15 participants

Who Should Attend
Senior Leadership Team, CEO and his or her direct reports and other key stakeholders


  • Provide a roadmap for creating and implementing Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits developed specifically for the company to support its Most Important Goal (MIG) and strategic imperatives
  • Assignments for gathering data inside the company to effectively create statements and objectives
  • Iterations of statements and objectives between workshops
  • Understanding defining and implementing Leadership Traits

Expected Outcome

  • Vision, Mission, Values, and leadership traits defined for a specific company that supports its Most Important Goal and long-term strategic imperatives
  • Project charters for implementation
  • A roll out plan for communicating, implementing, and sustaining the organization’s focus on the company’s Vision, Mission, Values
  • A sustainability plan

Organizations that want all stakeholders to work toward the same goals and objectives and have a common culture need to have clearly articulated Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits. The company needs to properly communicate them throughout the organization and hold all employees accountable to them. They need to be actionable and measurable. At the end of this workshop, a company will have defined its Vision, Mission, Values and Leadership Traits will have a roll out plan for communication along with a program for integrating them throughout the organization. This workshop supports Level 1 of The Business Hierarchy of Needs® is the first step in creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™”.


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